Size: 7370 m2

Location: Ayazağa / ISTANBUL

Date: 2023-2024

The girls’ dormitory with a capacity of 277 is located in the İTÜ dormitories area in a location in harmony with nature.
The view of the girls’ dormitory from the front garden is designed to reflect the discipline and authority of education.
When you enter the dormitory you are welcomed with a reception desk and colorful, natural decorated waiting area and a gallery hole combining ground floor lounge with basement floor cafe and facilities.
Study rooms, library, cafe, prayer room, luggage room and technical rooms are located on the basement floor.
Skylights are designed for etude areas and library.
Common areas are separated with glass walls having acoustic performance to combine spaces with natural light and view.
The dormitory building consists of 4 bedroom floors, ground floor and a basement floor.
It will serve 256 female students and 21 disabled female students.
Laundry and kitchens are located on the every bedroom floor.
Office rooms, TV lounge and disabled female student bedrooms are located on the ground floor.