About Us

Seza Güvensoy is an Architect, graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, experienced in architectural design and consulting.

She puts her skills into practice in SGS Company which is an Istanbul based architectural practice studio she founded in 1998.

Her professional vision is to produce elegant, powerful designs that respond to the needs in the simplest state, integrating with nature by using the latest advanced technology and proper materials.

The passion for simplicity and elegance in her minimal design is nourished by her nature-friendly lifestyle by accepting natural cycle of growth and decay in which everything has beauty.

For her, Ecological, health protective, energy efficient architecture in harmony with nature is a must for now and future. Each action we take must be considered ecologically, and globally, because each person does affect directly or indirectly, vast networks of people, and other living being and places.

The success of architectural design is paying attention to details and following the requirements of functionality specific to each project and creating an emotional experience of a physical space that satisfies client’s needs and objectives now and into the future.